Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Hidden Gem- La Maison du Pain

An exceptional bakery isn't what you'd expect to find surrounded by auto shops, but that's exactly what La Maison du Pain is. A family-run, french inspired bakery with some of the best pastries around, I can't believe I hadn't visited sooner.

On our way to breakfast, we discovered that our go-to bakery was closed for the holidays. By a stroke of luck, this rather sad situation (the idea of missing out on delicious baked goods is a tragedy in my book) turned into a wonderful one, when my mom had the idea to take me to a bakery she had recently discovered.

Driving there, I was skeptical as to how good this patisserie would be due to its odd location, but walking in, I was in heaven. Beautiful croissants, pastries, rolls, and cakes filled the somewhat small, but hugely impressive display.

For our delicious breakfast, we brought home a cheese roll, pain au raisin, and pain au chocolat (my favorite!). I'm not a huge cheese fan, but did try a bite of the roll and thought it was tasty, and my cheese-fanatic family absolutely loves it. The flaky pain au raisin was covered in a sweet glaze and LOADED with sweet raisins and one of the best I've ever had. I've been a lifelong fan of pain au chocolat and am always on the lookout for amazing versions of this chocolatey breakfast treat. I've been disappointed quite often when pulling apart my croissant to find a measly strip of chocolate down the center of the pastry, which may be the classic way to do it, but is definitely not the way I like them. To my delight, when I cut into La Maison du Pain's pain au chocolat, I was greeted by a very generous, sweet and gooey layer of chocolate running throughout the entire pastry. Yum, yum! 

For well crafted, delicious french pastries and desserts, La Maison du Pain is the hidden gem that deserves a visit from every baked-good-lover around.

La Maison du Pain: 5373 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

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