Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Always screaming for ice cream... Lake Street Creamery

Since first discovering their youtube commercial of a kitten in a tiny hat eating a tiny ice cream cone, Lake Street Creamery has been on my list of must-try summer treats. Cute kittens eating ice cream are good enough for me, but on top of the adorableness, Lake Street's menu was filled with some of the most interesting and unique ice cream flavors I had ever heard of, so that just made it all the more desirable. I've been following their food truck schedule all summer and finally they came to my side of town, to the Tuesday night Main St. food truck lot in Santa Monica.

This was my first trip to the Main St. food truck lot, but after looking up the list of food trucks in attendance, I decided all I really wanted was Lake Street, so I headed over for my after dinner dessert. It seemed that several others had the same idea, because the ice cream truck was by far the busiest attraction there.

Our flavors:
top left- Donut. The first time I've ever seen or tried donut flavored ice cream, and I don't understand how no one had thought of it before! I instantly fell in love. It tasted exactly like powdered sugar covered cake donuts.

top right- Don Draper: vanilla, bourbon, and smoke ice cream topped with caramel. Had a very strong taste of alcohol, so I'd definitely only recommend this for a whiskey enthusiast. 
Pancake Breakfast: pancake and maple syrup flavored ice cream with bits of bacon, sprinkled with coffee. I was so bummed that I couldn't try this one (unfortunately vegetarianism= no bacon) but it sounds delicious, and everyone who tried it absolutely loved it. 

front center: Don Draper and California Zephyr: Tahitian vanilla and Meyer lemon ice cream with fresh mint leaves. Very summery and refreshing with a strong lemon flavor. 
Lake Street Creamery definitely does it right, creating airy, fluffy ice cream in very out of the ordinary flavors that still manage to meld together perfectly and taste great! And honestly, what could be better than cute kittens and delicious ice cream?

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