Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hamada-Ya Bakery's An Fresh Cream Danish

A wonderful surprise inside of Torrance's large Mitsuwa Marketplace, Hamada-Ya Bakery serves delicious, freshly baked Japanese pastries, both sweet and savory, and bread. I love their An Donut, Mochi-Pan, Coffee Glaze Roll, and thick Japanese white bread, but in my opinion, it's their An Fresh Cream Danish that is a cut above the rest. The name does absolutely no justice for this pastry, so one may not expect the extent of it's deliciousness, but this unique, well balanced mix of flavors is the perfect example of the Japanese approach to baked goods. The chewy french roll, barely sweet fresh whipped cream, sugary dollop of red bean, and bitter green tea powder make this dessert unlike any you've ever tasted (and maybe better than any you've tasted). The only downside, they make a VERY limited amount each day and more often than not, I make the trip all the way out to Torrance only to find that they've sold out, so I recommend you stop by in the morning.

Hamada-Ya: 21515 South Western Ave. Torrance, CA 90501

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