Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's It, Not Just a San Francisco Treat

A San Francisco classic since 1928, It's It are indulgent, nostalgic ice cream sandwiches. My mom grew up eating them in Northern California, so we were overjoyed when we discovered that this once rare, hard to find dessert was now available in neighborhood supermarkets. It's It ice cream sandwiches are unique because rather than soft chocolate wafers or chocolate chip cookies, their treats are made with dark chocolate covered oatmeal cookies and are available in ultra smooth and creamy chocolate, mint, vanilla, and cappuccino ice creams.  I've yet to find their chocolate ice cream, but I have tried the other three flavors. Sadly, their strawberry ice cream flavor was discontinued before I had the chance to try it.

In a family taste test, we each sampled a quarter of the mint, vanilla, and cappuccino flavored sandwiches, and came to the unanimous decision that cappuccino was the tastiest, followed by vanilla, and lastly mint. The sweet, subtle taste of coffee went perfectly with the chewy cookies and rich chocolate, and while I usually like mint ice cream, it's not the best flavor to combine with oatmeal cookies. I say get rid of the mint and bring back strawberry!

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