Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Culver City Farmer's Market

I am fortunate enough to live somewhere with an abundance of farmers markets, and while they are year round, going during summer when produce is at its peak is definitely my favorite time to go. My neighborhood market in Culver City may be small, but still boasts a handful of delicious treats.

I was introduced to this product last summer when I worked at the stall next door at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. Dave's Gourmet Korean Food is the ultimate spot for tasty vegetarian side dishes. I've tried almost all they have to offer, but have remained a die-hard fan of the organic BBQ tofu and spicy tempeh (or "tempha" as the package reads). I like to use the tempeh in veggie stir fries, sautéing them for a bit at the end with the vegetables and oyster sauce. I prefer the BBQ tofu cold and as is, for an afternoon snack, or as a side with a big salad. Kind of pricy at $5 per container, but worth every penny.

I grew up with Rockenwagner bakery. Their pretzel bread, cheese twists, and this double chocolate cookie are absolutely irresistible. I hadn't had the chocolate cookie in awhile, but in a moment of nostalgia, I decided I couldn't pass up getting one today at the market. Rich, dark chocolate with a brownie-like center, crunchy cookie exterior, and studded with walnuts, it's the kind of cookie that you eat over the span of a day (or two), one bite at a time for the ultimate indulgence. 

Vibrant piles of juicy strawberries, fleshy plums and nectarines, and sweet corn line up and down along the stalls of the Farmers Market. Even though I didn't buy any today, I still enjoyed admiring the beautiful produce. 

Culver City Farmer's Market- Main st. Tuesday 3 PM-7 PM

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