Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wonderful Waffles... Waffles Liege

Thick, dense, chewy, and sweet, Liege waffles are delicious Belgium style waffles that are absolutely to die for. Unlike thin round American waffles and "regular" Belgium waffles, actually called Brussels waffles and are lighter and less sweet than their Liege counterpart, there is no need for sweet toppings and syrups on these delectable desserts. Liege waffles are studded with pearl sugar which beautifully caramelizes on the outside when baked, resulting in some of the most decadent waffles in existence.

I finally got the chance to try this heavenly concoction at the West LA Farmers Market, a very small farmers market which hosts the hidden gem of a Belgium waffle and pomme frites stall. Unfortunately, because the waffles are made in advance so service doesn't get backed up, the ones I received were made about 10 minutes earlier and no longer had that piping hot, fresh out of the waffle iron quality. However, they were still DELICIOUS! I'm a huge fan of maple syrup, and generously smother all of my pancake, waffle, and french toast breakfasts with it, making sure to scrape every last drop off my plate after I've finished my meal, but these Liege waffles definitely didn't need it. The caramelized sugar added an amazingly decadent crunch and sweetness that went perfectly with the chewy waffle. I imagine if eaten immediately after baking, they would be even more irresistible. 

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