Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leftover BBQ Stir-fry

Lost at what to do when you have too many BBQ leftovers and not enough room in the fridge to store them? Well, here's the answer: leftover BBQ stir-fry! Because summer is the best time to buy vibrant, delicious veggies, my barbeques always feature tons of grilled veggies and there is guaranteed to be a decent sized portion of leftovers. Instead of leaving them to take up all the space in the refrigerator, I take advantage of my bounty of fresh veggies by making a tasty stir-fry for the next night's dinner! I only wish I didn't have to deal with my veggie hating meat loving brother's complaints every time he sees this cooking up on the stove. Thank god for Trader Joe's frozen pork buns, the guaranteed quick and easy way to silence his whining. But I should be grateful, because this means more stir-fry for me!

My stir-fry was filled with carrots, potatoes, cabbage, onion, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, corn, and Dave's spicy tempeh. Mix in some oyster sauce and serve it over brown rice for the perfect meal!

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