Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surviving Carmageddon, One Bite at a Time: Eat Real Food Festival

Surviving carmageddon: the one thing on the minds of everyone in Los Angeles. In order to avoid the possibility of being stuck in some of the worst traffic we've ever seen (in reality there was barely any traffic as a result of everyone's fear of driving) many made plans to stay local. Thankfully, the first ever Eat Real Festival came to Culver City's Helms Bakery, and was the perfect local weekend activity. The festival boasted a variety of local artisanal foods, live music, animals, a cookbook exchange, and food and craft demos. I was able to ride my bike over in just 15 minutes and took advantage of the convenient complementary bicycle valet service available. Too much good food to eat in just one day, I went for both days, filling up on a wide array of unique and delicious foods (with no guilt since I figured I burned off the calories on the way there and back).

Sno Con Amor was one of the best attractions at the festival. Nothing like your typical overly sweet snow cones, these were refreshing and you could really taste the flavors, rather than just sugar. Pictured are coconut, beet lemonade, and watermelon basil, which was my favorite.

Making new friends

My dream car! VW poptop bus in a display.

Cookies of my dreams.

Mother in Law's Kimchi

Handsome Coffee Roasters... ?! Interesting concept, too scared to try the coffee though. 

I was looking forward to trying Waffles de Liege more than anything at the festival. They were a little small for the price ($3 for one plain waffle, which actually is half of a bigger waffle), seeing as the West LA farmer's market sells equally delicious liege waffles that are bigger and cheaper, but I still enjoyed the caramelized sugary goodness. 

Belcampo Meat Co.'s beef tallow french fries AKA potatoes fried in beef fat! I didn't have any but from those I talked to the fries were savory, chewy, and very indulgent. 

CoolHaus chocolate chip cookie with strawberry jalapeno ice cream sandwich. The ice cream was wonderfully creamy and smooth with a fresh strawberry flavor, reminiscent of haagen dazs strawberry ice cream. The jalapeno went unnoticed, which didn't really bother me because I'm not a fan of spicy ice cream. Also tried their nutella, coffee toffee, and banana which all taste exactly like the flavor they represent. 

Nom Nom Truck's Bahn Mi grilled pork and pickled veggie sandwich. Again, as a vegetarian, I couldn't try it, but it was the favorite of a few members of my family. I did enjoy the wonderful aroma coming from the truck making me almost wish I could have a taste. 

Fresh margherita pizza made to order from a portable brick oven. 

Had the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Aida Mollenkamp at her pretzel making demonstration. Not only was she super friendly and helpful, the pretzels were DELICIOUS as well. A handful of lucky festival-goers got to roll and twist their own pretzels, which were then baked off in the same brick oven as the pizzas, and ready for immediate enjoyment. Crunchy on the outside, and soft and doughy inside, they were just fine on their own, but even better when I snuck over to the gourmet mustard stand and they were nice enough to let me put some on my pretzel. YUM!

Pretzel Recipe can't wait to try it out at home!

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